Are you tired of having to onboard multiple vendors in order to service your customer base?  Here at Tomahawk we understand the underlying cost associated with managing multiple vendors.  According to various research groups, frequently overlooked cost associated with vendor management can deplete up to 50% or more of your company’s expected savings.  That is a large sum of money to ignore.  Therefore it is our goal to help keep those savings where they belong, with your organization.

Here at Tomahawk we have well over 100 years of strategic sourcing experience combined amongst our Executive Team.  Even though we are a new small woman owned business, we fully have the capability to be an asset to the strategic sourcing team your company already has in place.  We have the ability to centralize a majority of your needs under one umbrella.

Whether you need any of the following:

  • hand sanitizer due to the pandemic with COVID-19
  • miscellaneous IT peripherals for home workers
  • HPE servers for your datacenter
  • Alcatel Lucent networking for Telco
  • drill bits for teams in the field

Tomahawk is here to help consolidate your vendors and drive those savings back to you.

We are willing to take on the burden of buying direct from the sources you would like to procure from while maintaining the discounts you expect.

Please give us a call at 844-353-3850 or email us at to setup a meeting to speak to one of our subject matter experts today!