peace of mind

Swift, Seamless, Sensible Security.

Isolating and exploiting weak points is standard practice for malware and unwanted intruders. Your security is only as strong as the weakest link in your organization’s security network. The diversity of modern IT and security architecture requires a customized approach to comprehensive security, at minimum featuring total integration of on and off-site devices and data storage solutions. Best-in-class enterprise security defines and mitigates internal and external threats in real-time. Tailor-made solutions allow your organization to mitigate risk while increasing agility and cost-effectiveness.

better building blocks

The Tools to Grow.

As we grow, building blocks help us build lasting memories and exciting creation across a vast portion of our personal development. Better building blocks for enterprises create lasting value through development and at all stages from launch to beyond. From initial build to legacy architecture made new, the best processes and technology create new building blocks to enrich projects for years to come.

sprint to milestones

Talent Harnessed, Creativity Unleashed.

Your teams don’t have to go it alone when experienced partners are available. The best Development cycles work seamlessly from one milestone to the next to deliver the best results. DevOps requires active, talented, experienced personnel to achieve seamless results. Strong partnerships lead to maximum agility and deep focus in the development cycle.

enterprise in evolution

Driving enterprise into the future.

After the development cycle ends, your enterprise still has miles to go. Evolving technology creates evolving needs. Technology, infrastructure, IT, and security evolve in the blink of an eye. Tech advocates with an industry-leading buyback program can facilitate the rapid growth and continued transformation of your enterprise.

development by numbers

Sprint Harder and Fail Faster.

The Fail Fast development style has become the benchmark of Agile operations, and big data integration has pushed the DevOps to test cycle to produce exponentially faster stress tests with predictable failure rates. Partnerships that enable more rapid failures speed growth exponentially while leading to permanent success in the development cycle and beyond. Proven tools for data integration by the numbers can create limitless benefits for your enterprise. 

building new horizons

Cloud integration is only the beginning.

You’ve completed your initial Cloud integration, and the data is moving seamlessly? Where do you want to go next? Scalable Cloud solutions supercharge current projects while laying the groundwork for projected growth and future projects. Access is everything, and the sky is the limit when enterprise embraces transformative technology.

certified technologies across all government agencies

Government work has never been so exciting!

Government contracts with special handling requirements are increasingly critical for large public sector enterprises. GSA certification and experienced experts in Government Service contracts represent an exciting shift in private-to-public sector policy. We provide our complete offering to our GSA customers at a federal discounted price. We’ve got you covered across all agencies and services, from telecommunication to emerging data analytics. 

TIS is a GSA contract awardee. This contract vehicle enables TIS to provide information tech products to its federal contractors. GSA Schedule 70: General Purpose Commercial Information Technology Equipment, Software, and Services.

buy-back infrastructure

Trade yesterday’s tech to fuel future enterprise.

Your enterprise has leapt out of DevOps and is running smoothly. Future-proofing is your next step. A symbiotic relationship with a robust tech buyback program adds value to your enterprise in the long term. Turning yesterday’s technology into today’s success story is the goal of every good BuyBack program. Recycling old technology to enterprises that can use it and fueling new tech integration drives your enterprise into future success.

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