buy-back program

repurposed enterprise solutions

Reducing costs and driving performance.

Running out of processing power or rack space means you’re already in trouble. An IT budget can grow exponentially when outfitting or upgrading a data center to meet increasing demands. Existing tech your enterprise has outgrown still represents value to startups and other enterprises. Tomahawk offers a robust buyback program, allowing you to leverage your old technology as a financial tool to improve your budget for current and future upgrades dramatically.

buy back services offered

• Identify the equipment to be decommissioned

• Design a decommission or replacement roadmap for all equipment

• Evaluate internal vs. market value for decommissioned equipment

• Provide a Quote for trade-in for credit or purchase for cash

• Provide a purchase order for the agreed amount or consignment of product.

• Handle sensitive media according to your security protocols and provide certificates of destruction

• Supply final disposition of each item along with a full audit list

• Certificates of wipe provided for all data

Repurposed Tech Fuels Innovation

Enterprise solutions without enterprise budgets.

The startup period for any enterprise can create a certain amount of sticker shock when pricing out your IT needs and budgeting for a data center. Refurbished technology is available for all budgets and all levels of an enterprise. Tomahawk tech advisors are standing by to help you navigate the best offers and assist you in outfitting your office or data center, and acquiring the rest of your operational infrastructure with affordable, like-new technology trusted by industry giants.

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